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We are recovering from a web-server melt down (complete with smoke!)

Please bear with us as we bring our web services back on line.



Our public safety audio system is (almost 100%) back up and running.


The RadioReference/Broadcastify live feed is now at This is a NEW feed!

This is a dual receiver stereo feed. The left and right receivers are separate. The Left Channel contains Pike County Illinois VHF channels:
LAW, ALPHA, BRAVO, PAGING, PEMA, FG-RED, FG-BLUE, FG-Pittsfield, and others as needed.
The Right Channel contains: 
Illinois StarCom21 digital trunking (IEMA, MABAS, Dist. 20, and other statewide talkgroups), and,
Missouri MoSWIN (NE-Missouri Region talkgroups and MHP Troop B)
. .

Recordings are locally archived for 30 days. MP3 Files are time stamped with the source. 
Note: Look for the filename with the correct time stamp; file dates and times do not always reflect actual recording time!

To find and replay traffic, click on one of the following links:

MULTI VHF Receiver (see above for channels) PAGING Receiver (only Pike Paging) StarCom and MoSWIN (see above for talkgroups)
Pike County Illinois LAW only Pike County Illinois ALPHA only Pike County Illinois BRAVO only

Local Scanner Channels; Program these into your scanner:

Channel Frequency Tone (for some scanners)
Pike County Illinois Sheriff & Police (LAW) 154.7850 [*] Repeater Output 114.8 CTCSS
Pike County Illinois Fire/EMS Incident ALPHA 154.1000 (Also 453.3750) [*] Repeater Output 114.8 CTCSS
Pike County Illinois Fire/EMS Incident BRAVO 151.1300 [*] Repeater Output 114.8 CTCSS
Pike County Illinois Fire/EMS PAGING 155.1000 [*] Repeater Output [Note: Repeater input of 158.8800 with NO CTCSS may work better in the Pittsfield area.] 127.3 CTCSS
MABAS Interoperable Fireground RED (Primary)
(All Regional Fire Ops except Pittsfield FD)
153.8300 [#,L] 69.3 CTCSS
Pike County Illinois Emergency Management (PEMA) 158.7600 [*] 114.8 CTCSS
Illinois Interoperable IREACH 155.0550 [#] 156N DCS
Pittsfield FD non-interoperable channel, Ashland FD,  and St. Charles, MO County-wide Fire/EMS PAGING 154.2500 [I]

The above eight channels cover 95% of all local public safety traffic in Pike County.

You may also want to program the following:

MABAS Interoperable Fireground BLUE (Secondary) 154.2950 [#,L] 85.4 CTCSS
Adams County Fire 154.3100 Repeater Output (107.9 CTCSS on some)
Brown County Fire 151.4675 Repeater Output D031N DCS
Calhoun County shared system (Law, Fire, EMS, Others) 154.2350 or 156.1650 [*] - Simulcast on Both, Repeater Output 186.2 CTCSS
Griggsville Public Works 155.7150 [*] 114.8 CTCSS
Hannibal, MO City Fire 154.1300 Repeater Output 118.8 CTCSS
Hannibal (Marion County) 911 155.5425 Repeater Output 118.8 CTCSS
Illinois IFERN-1 Fire Mutual Aid 154.2650 [#] 210.7 CTCSS
Louisiana, MO Fire 154.3400 [*] 141.3 CTCSS
Missouri Fire Mutual Aid (Also MABAS FG-White) 154.2800 [#] (MO-CS, IL-74.4 CTCSS)
Pittsfield Public Works 154.0250 97.4 CTCSS
Pleasant Hill Public Works 154.5150 [*] Repeater Output 203.5 CTCSS
Scott County 911 154.3850 Repeater Output 77.0 CTCSS
Notes: Notes: Notes:
[*] - Radio System designed, installed or maintained by FireElectronics.
[#] - Regional, Statewide or National interoperable channel.
[L] - Designed as Low power or limited range channel.
[I] - Channel subject to harmful interference by other licensed users.
After 1/1/2013, the FCC requires that all transmitters broadcast a narrow-band emission. Most (not all) scanners are capable or being programmed to the new narrow-band frequencies. Most (not all) scanners will receive narrow-band traffic, but at a slightly lower volume level. ALL Illinois State Police traffic takes place on the Statewide Starcom21 P25 digital trunking network. Although the ISP has recently re-installed VHF car radios for interoperability with local agencies, only a digital trunking scanner can decode the StarCom system. The Missouri MoSWIN system is also a P25 digital trunking network.
If a repeater is in service, the above contains the repeater output frequencies for the systems listed. Agencies spent large dollars to install and maintain repeaters for their own fleet. You are welcome to program in and listen to the cars on the repeater uplink frequencies, but are better off letting the agency do all the heavy lifting for you. Some scanners can be programmed with CTCSS, DCS or PL(R) tones to reduce unwanted traffic and interference. If your scanner can use these tones, they are included. If your scanner does not allow you to enter tones, simply ignore them. Proprietary, medical, tactical and sensitive frequencies are not listed... don't even ask. In nearly all cases, tactical and sensitive communications are also encrypted and unavailable to the public... again, don't ask.



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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is imperative that public safety communications users NOT schedule any emergency incidents (fires, manhunts, floods, earthquakes, etc.) that require faster than a three-day response to allow for deferred planning, distribution of communications equipment, and training to be accomplished.  In some jurisdictions a local ordinance will be required to prevent unplanned emergencies.